Amazaque and Welsh slate ring - exotic African wood and dark Welsh slate. For wedding, anniversary or as a gift.

Amazaque and Welsh slate ring - exotic African wood and dark Welsh slate. For wedding, anniversary or as a gift.


This custom made ring features Amazaque wood from West Africa and brooding, dark slate from the Welsh hills inlay. The inlay is 3.5mm wide. Amazaque is a popular tone wood and is commonly used in acoustic guitars.

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Finely handcrafted for you using the bentwood technique that respects the nature of the wood by working with the grain rather than against it. This ensures a beautiful yet durable one-of-a-kind ring suited to gifting and special occasions. Each ring we create is unique, so are ideal as alternative wedding or engagement rings.

We welcome custom orders, whether it be a certain kind of wood, inlay, bulk orders or a bespoke piece of jewellery, or anything else - please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Bentwood rings are fashioned from long strips of wood veneer, boiled or steamed for pliability and wrapped over and again in several layers. Keeping the integrity of the wood grain and having overlapping layers makes bentwood rings much more durable while preserving the beauty of natural wood.
They are finished with many waterproof, durable coats of ca glue and finally polished to a glass like shine.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for me to complete your ring.

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- although waterproof it is recommended to take your ring off prior to showering, bathing or washing your hands.

- while wearing your ring avoid contact with soap, detergents and chemicals as these may wear away the finish.

- avoid scraping or scratching your ring against rough surfaces as this will also damage the surface.

Bentwood rings are durable and waterproof and will last many years if proper care is taken. Care instructions will be included with your order.

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