Picture Perfect?

When I first started with Etsy and with this website I took my own product photos using an iPhone with a clip on lense. I thought they were pretty good and with a little bit of editing and some overlaying text they would do the job...I was wrong.

One of the first things you are told when listing your products on the web is to get the photos right and if possible use the services of a professional photographer. So I decided to take the plunge and search for a local pro.

Eventually I decided on  http://www.chrislewisphoto.co.uk

Ive got to say that Chris has done an amazing job of photographing the rings, the details and lighting are stunning. His photos make my original ones look completely amateurish, which they were! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris for any of your photography needs.

Here's a comparison between my efforts and a proper photographers work


That's mine on top (as if you didn't know)


In The Studio

This week has consisted of a lot of pyrography practice. I have quite a few new orders requiring engraving so I need to sharpen my skills, one mistake while engraving and the ring is ruined, you can't rub it out and start again unfortunately. Welsh slate is since again proving very popular as is Rosewood. 



As a little tribute to the Welsh slate here's my favourite Welsh band, Budgie. 

Budgie were actually my first live band experience in my hometown of Workington, they played our local Carnegie theatre around 86/87.

I still play them in the car now, although I'm not sure the kids approve, they'll learn though! 

Anyway, here's Breadfan from Budgie..enjoy