Let's Make a Start

Well, I've been sitting on this blog page for a couple of years now. What to write? How to write it? Why should I write it?

I still don't know! 


Let's make a start.

Its a couple of years since I set up Ammonite Studio. In that time I've learned so many lessons, mostly by making mistakes first. I've had some amazing customers from all around the world. Some customers will go into a lot of detail about why they are ordering a ring, who it is for and for what occasion and it's a great feeling to be a small part of that occasion.  One lovely customer even invited me to their forthcoming wedding in a Scottish castle! Unfortunately I'll be going to see one of my bands, Stone Sour (little video below) at the same time. I've had thank you cards and many expressions of thanks.

Some customers order and I don't hear a word from them again. Which is also completely fine, but I do wonder if they are happy with their ring. 

Here's one of Stone Sour's less sweary songs👇

As well as the website www.ammonitestudio.co.uk I also have a page on Etsy, you can visit it here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AmmoniteStudio. Etsy is a great place to start if you are interested in selling your craft.

I'm quite happy for customers to buy from either site !!

One lesson that I have learned is that not all woods are suitable for a Bentwood ring. I recently started using fumed oak which makes a nice dark ring. It proved quite popular and I got a few orders. A couple of weeks after sending them some of my customers got in touch to say they had broke or split. My worst nightmare. So it turns out that fumed oak is a little too weak to use. I offered my customers a refund or I could make them a new ring with a different wood. I also immediately removed fumed oak from the store. A costly lesson but a very valuable one at the same time. 

So at the moment things are going well, I have many happy customers, my skills are improving daily and sales are picking up. I need to work on my marketing/social media skills. I may even revamp the website as it's a couple of years since I built it and I didn't really know what I was doing. 

I've loads of new ring designs that I need to work on when time allows. 

I wouldn't mind getting a couple of retail partners as well. 

Think that'll do for now.