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It all started when....

I (Mark, that's me above) stumbled upon something called a bentwood ring while on the internet, until this time I wasn't aware that such a thing existed. Anyway, it lit a spark inside of me and one week later I was in my shed with my newly ordered materials ready to give this ring making lark a go.

I would be lying if I said it went well, but another couple of weeks later I had made my first bentwood ring. To be fair it was a mess but it was the start of my long journey of learning this craft. I cant tell you how many mistakes I've made and how many times I've thought about giving it all up. But each mistake was a lesson learned and eventually my rings started to look like the rings I had first seen a few years ago.

As my confidence grew I started to make some for friends and family, all with good feedback. I was also improving and practicing new techniques and trying out new designs.

It was always in my mind that one day this may lead to a business venture and in early 2016 I set up Ammonite Studio. I called it ammonite as a reminder of many great family holidays spent on Charmouth beach in Dorset fossil hunting. We mainly found ammonites!

So the first year has been very encouraging, with steady orders and enquiries from all over the UK and further afield including America. I have really enjoyed working with my customers to create them their perfect engagement rings, wedding rings and Valentines rings as well as working on orders from our standard collection.

Customer satisfaction is my number one priority and I will not let one ring leave unless I am 100% happy with it. I have had nothing but good feedback and happy customers so far which is fantastic. I like to allow at least two weeks to create a ring as this is the only way I can bee sure to produce my best work. Each ring that I make will be a unique, custom made piece of jewellery like no other.

So please feel free to browse our current collection of ready to order rings. If you see one you like, choose your ring size and chosen width and I will set to work creating it. I am always working on new designs, using pyrography or more intricate inlays so the collection will keep growing.

If you have an idea for your own ring or rings, maybe with a wood that has a sentimental meaning or a certain kind of inlay or absolutely anything else then please get in touch, I love a challenge. (I recently sourced some Canadian red cedar for a customers wedding rings).

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I look forward to working with you.