So what is a bentwood ring?

Our rings are made from thin strips of wood which are steamed and then wrapped around themselves following the direction of the grain. This method produces the strongest possible wooden ring.

Then follows a lengthy procedure of sanding and shaping and generally loosing the skin from my fingers!

Once the desired size and shape is achieved it then receives multiple coats of the durable waterproof finish before lots more sanding and polishing to achieve a strong, glass like finish over the ring.

This method goes through many stages and can't be rushed as one simple mistake can ruin a ring and mean starting afresh.

So why would you want a bentwood ring?

  • Be unique - Show your an individual and wear a one of a kind piece of wooden jewellery, most people will not have seen one before and will want to know all about it.
  • Anti allergy  - If you suffer from a metal allergy and are unable to wear standard jewellery then a bentwood ring is an ideal alternative.
  • Nature lover - You can literally wear what has grown from the ground.
  • Handmade - There's no mass production here, you can be sure that your ring has been fully crafted by hand.
  • Wearable - Our rings are so lightweight and comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.
  • Personal to you - You can choose your wood, size and width of the ring and let us add any further personal touches.
  • They're really good!!! - True

Looking after your bentwood ring.

With the proper care and attention your bentwood ring can last a lifetime.

To look after your ring it is advised that you avoid chemicals and prolonged exposure to water. We advise you to take it off prior to showering or doing the washing up. They are finished with many waterproof coats but continued and prolonged exposure will eventually wear this finish away. Avoid scraping and scratching the surface as this can allow water in also.

To give extra and on-going protection you could always give it a coat of wax every month or two. Car wax will do the job, just rub it in with a cloth, allow to dry then buff it off to a shine. This isn't necessary but some customers use it just for extra piece of mind.